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Breaking “Old School” Print Barriers


After 20 years of progress under the reigns of Sally and Don Frank, a new 20-year span of innovation and growth began. Since 2000, under partners, Bob Anderson and Rod Granberry, Prisma’s capabilities as a commercial printer have risen to new heights.

The company is now approaching 300 employees, with clients located all over the United States. From the quick and comprehensive launch of dokshop in 2001 to the start of a complete in-house mailing center in 2009. Then the expansion of grand format into an online offering for clients in 2012, plus much more leading into 2020, these visionaries turned a local printer into the marketing technology solutions resource it is today. Significant yearly growth doesn’t come easy. But a clear foresight for the future and a drive to expand production each year through upgraded technology, make it possible.

Since the beginning, Prisma has embraced a customer-first mindset. Following the buyout, this continued to hold and ideas were implemented to expand offerings and job capabilities for assisting current and future clients. The creation of Prisma’s proprietary software system, dokshop, opened up new doors. This allowed for quick and easy ordering, product customization, and warehousing. Over the years changes and upgrades have been made to the system for an optimized user experience. Now there are 275 live sites and over 23,000 active users worldwide!

“My experiences with my sales associate and dokshop team have been nothing short of amazing! They have helped us build the best platform to distribute Marketing & Sales materials to our front line. The quality of our materials is a great representation of our brand. We continue to innovate and adapt based on the needs of our business.” – Angelia Hage, California Bank & Trust

The addition of an in-house mailing center was a venture made in 2009. After recognizing the sheer quantity of mail that was being sent out and outsourced, and the number of complex and targeted one-to-one mailing campaigns clients were requesting, expanding Prisma’s mailing abilities became an apparent need. Today, Prisma averages mailing over six million pieces monthly, is HIPAA and SOC2 compliant, and is a leader in the mailing industry for Arizona.

2012 was a big year for Prisma, with the decision to bring Grand Format Online, greatly expanding options for clients and growing the department rapidly. From car wraps, to sports signage, environmental graphics, and even skylights, the Grand Format department takes on some of the most unique and intricate jobs. Becoming a leader in print with a focus on major investments, like the largest digital web press in Arizona with extensive variable data capabilities, has always been a priority. We at Prisma know that enhancing the customer experience is what truly matters. Prisma’s Digital department has grown over the years to become one of the largest departments in the company. This team of 28 completed over 60,000 jobs in 2019; that’s close to 200 jobs a day!

A technology-driven and customer-first approach will continue to be a staple of the Prisma business plan, advancing Prisma into this new decade prepared for anything, and ready to take on a larger national and global scale. We are ready.


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BY PRISMAApril 14, 2020

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