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The People of Prisma

Bob Anderson


Bob is a working Chairman who leads from the front. His strong business development mentality uses Tech enabled marketing solutions, in an industry dominated by old fashioned skills. Direct Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Online Store Fronts, Marketing Strategies, Print Management, and Digital Printing are what motivate him to help clients grow their businesses through field marketing execution.

His greatest skill as leader is his ability to be a great “people picker.”  Bob says, “When I meet the right people, I immediately know that I can provide them the opportunity to grow, personally, professionally and in their chosen field.”

Our clients’ success is the driving force for our Prisma Team Members, and for Bob personally. He pushes for constant change which is otherwise unimaginable, and allows his team members to do the same!

Bob’s passions outside of work include Family, Flying, Fly-fishing and “honey-do” projects for his wife, Robyn.

Bob Anderson

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