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5 Crucial Tips for Choosing a MarTech Platform



Currently, more marketing and sales professionals are migrating away from typical offices to work from home. Because of this, the challenge of consistently and uniformly establishing your brand gets tricky. Groups of people in a central office were once the protectors of color, paper stock and delivery. But now, automation is now stepping in to fill the gap. Navigating the new world of MarTech solutions can be overwhelming, but using these tips can make it easier.

What to Keep in Mind-  

  1. Choose a branded platform. Look for cloud-based software that allows you to apply your own branding and style.  Users will more readily adapt to the platform when it looks and feels familiar.
  2. Evaluate the platform for capabilities you’ll use. Some software offers the ability to customize collateral with images, names and addresses. This is best when partnered with print on demand functionality. Others offer the ability to pre-print and pull stock from current inventory. Do you need signage, mailing services and promotional items on your storefront? Look for a platform that meets your current needs. But, don’t forget about growth. You may need other services in the future. Be sure to take those into consideration.
  3. Choose a reliable print partner. Make sure that the software and printer are aligned. Make sure the printer is G7 certified to produce consistent color and quality. The supply chain is also critical. Can the facility manage your delivery and distribution consistently? Shipping products across multiple regions requires logistics expertise. In addition, production and sourcing expertise is also important.
  4. Plan ahead for onboarding. How the site is configured is critical for an enhanced user experience and adoption. Users should be able to intuitively navigate the site to find collateral. Be sure to add online tutorials, written marketing plans, and branding guidelines to the portal. This will help your users better utilize the site and its collateral.
  5. Don’t forget about billing and reporting. A robust platform should offer a full end-to-end solution with the ability for single sign-on from your internal systems. Also, it is important it offers multiple billing options, including credit cards, budgets and cost center allocation. Look for reporting capability that allows you a clear picture of what users are ordering. Analytics can provide insight into which campaigns are most effective and widely used.

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BY PRISMAApril 13, 2020

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