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Postal Savings with Informed Delivery Begin August 1, 2022

Created by USPS in 2017, Informed Delivery is a feature that allows a postal customer to see what mail is being delivered that day via an email. This technology has grown to more than 47.6M users with an email open rate of above 64%.

As Informed Delivery has grown in use among postal customers, direct marketers have leveraged the technology to amplify their mail messages. Businesses that have direct mail as part of their marketing strategy can take advantage of special postage savings by adding Informed Delivery to their campaign. Beginning August 1, USPS is offering a 4% postage discount on their direct mail pieces if they include Informed Delivery. Not only can customers take advantage of the additional exposure Informed Delivery provides, but now a significant postage savings is attached.

Prisma clients have two options to deploy Informed Delivery in their Direct Mail campaign. They can choose a direct mail campaign and pay for the installation of Informed Delivery, or the client can run a campaign through our DM360 program which includes the service at no extra cost. The advantages of DM360 aren’t limited to Informed Delivery; the platform offers seven technologies including social media and digital ads to further boost the direct mail’s response.

Prisma deploys more than 10 million pieces of direct mail per month, and we consistently see a lift of 15-25% in campaign responses when delivered with DM360. The postage savings offered through Informed Delivery is a great time to test out how digital technologies can boost your direct mail response.

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BY PRISMAAugust 1, 2022

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