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The People of Prisma

Hef Matthews

Director of Business Development

Hef graduated from Indiana University in 2003 and started his career enrolled in a 3-year leadership development program at Courier Printing, a Consolidated Graphics Company (now RR Donnelley), where he worked in all aspects of the printing industry, from prepress to bindery. After completing the program in 2006, Hef spent the next five years as an Account Executive, servicing over 30 clients across Tennessee and Kentucky. In 2011, Hef was promoted to President of RR Donnelley’s Tulsa, Oklahoma facility, CP Solutions, where he led all operations for a print and mail provider specializing in HIPAA-compliant healthcare mailings and web-to-print solutions. After a 14-year career with RR Donnelley, Hef left the industry in 2017, joining the cloud-based HR and recruiting software industry before returning to printing and our team here at Prisma Graphic in July of 2022 as an Enterprise Business Development Specialist.

Hef Matthews is a

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